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Triethanolamine (Tea) Offers A Broad Spectrum Of Aapplication Opportunities,primarily In Detergents, Personal Care Products And Textile Finishing.other Applications Include Use As Intermediactes And Concrete Additives And Ahesive, Rubber, Agriculture And Photographic Chemicals; Use As Component Of Cement Grinding Aids; Use As A Component Of Cement Grinding Aids; Use As “Down Hole” In Oil Well Chemicals And In Metaworking To Prevent Corrosion; And Use As Catalysts That Promote Stability During The Reaction Processin The Manufacture Of Flexible And Rigid Urethare Foams.

Because Tea Combines The Properties Amines And Alcohols,tea Exhibits The Unique Capability Of Undergoing Reactions Common To Both Groups. As As Amine, Tea Is Mildly Alkaline And Reactswith Acids To Form Salt Or Soaps. As An Alcoho, Tea Is Hygroscopic And Can Be Esterfied.

DOW Triethanolamine is available as TEA 99%, TEA 99% Low Freezing Grade (LFG), TEA Commercial Grade, and TEA Commercial Grade LFG.

• TEA 99% is tertiary amine used to react with acidic compounds to form salts.

• TEA 99% LFG is a low freeze grade variation of TEA 99% for easier handling is colder ambient temperatures (freezing point: -5°C/23°F). It is a blend of 

   an 85% solution of TEA with 15% water

• TEA Commercials Grade is a solution of TEA containing >=85% TEA and <=15%

    Diethanolamine (DEA).

• TEA Commercial LFG is a low Freeze grade variation of TEA Commercial Grade for easier handling in colder ambient temperatures (freezing        point:-42°C/44°F). It is a blended solution of ~74% TEA,~15% water and ~11% Diethanolamine (DEA).


• TEA imparts a reserve alkalinity to the laundry bath,which is essential to efficient cleaning.

􀊰 TEA is an effective oil and anti-redeposition agent. Personal Care

• TEA may be reacted with lauryl sulfate to form the foaming bas surfactant used in hair shampoos.

• Fatty acids neutralized with TEA are excellent emulsifiers for oil-in water emulsions such as gel-type industrial hand cleaners,aerosol shave creams, and     hand and body lotions.

• TEA is also used as the base component in the production of certain mild bar soaps. Textiles Finishing.

• TEA is used as reaction intermediates for the preparation of durable press fabric finishes and softeners.

• When reacted to form amine soaps,useful as scouring agents for wool and silk because of its low alkalinity.

• Because it is hugroscopic,TEA is used in the preparation of vat printing pastes.

• TEA is also useful in making acetate rayon dyes.